In which Carla tells two stories that explain finding cupcakes in dark places: one is her story, one is Leonard Cohen's.

Referenced reading: The Flame, by Leonard Cohen: his full acceptance speech for the Prince of Asturias Award, on October 21, 2011, from which I quoted in this episode, begins on page 267.

Leonard Cohen at Apple Music

Greg Behrendt, “There Might Be Cake”, Original Uncool (2011): Apple Music, Spotify

My favorite happy socks. I own several sets, and I like to mix and match them at random.


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My own sexual assault: This Girl Just Had a Bad Date, A Different World (in the wider perspective of the Bill Cosby trial and growing up in the Cosby era)

Christmas last year: What the Dickens, Victorian Christmas: The Goblin and the Paw

Theme song: “Comadreamers I” by Haunted Me, off their Pleasure album:

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