In which Carla reads from her own novel-in-progress, continuing from Episode 14: Watching the Detectives, Part 1


In this investigative vacuum, the public and the press are left to fill in the space with theories, and that is exactly what is occurring. On the Tyler College campus, factions continue to escalate via old-fashioned flyers and digital back-and-forth, and the fevered undercurrents of classism and sexism, in the face of no information, continue to swell. Parents of Tyler College students are clogging the college’s switchboards and email accounts, demanding to know if they should withdraw their children for their own safety. Whisper campaigns are rampant in both Rockingham and Loudon Counties about the possible fate of Beatrice Burchett. Public morale and confidence in the police are threatened at this time, due to silence and perceived lack of investigation.

And still, a 21-year-old woman is not in class with her peers, where she belongs.



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