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In which Carla explores all the different incarnations of Childe Roland and his Dark Tower quest throughout history.   Referenced and related episodes...View Details

60: Urban Legend

In which Carla celebrates World Book Day by reading from her own novel in progress, working title Bonnie Mommie, that she first read from in episodes ...View Details

In which Carla reads a lesser-known Poe story, "The Oval Portrait".   Show Notes: Story Read: "The Oval Portrait”, Edgar Allan Poe, April 1842 Read on...View Details

58: Terra Incognita

In which Carla explores a favorite horror author of Victorian England, and finds an marvelous polymath, an LGBTQ icon, and a woman who rescued ancient...View Details

In which Carla reads again from her novel-in-progress, Watching the Detectives.

And they were all rich. Rich in looks, rich in opportunity, rich in a...View Details

In which Carla tells two stories that explain finding cupcakes in dark places: one is her story, one is Leonard Cohen's. Referenced reading: The Flame...View Details

55: Finding Fear

In which Carla reads a Turkish folktale about a boy who goes on a quest to find out what fear is. Sources: Story: "The Boy Who Found Fear At Last", co...View Details

53: Exquisite Mayhem

In which Carla further explores the Three Mothers horror movie series--Suspiria, Inferno, and Mother of Tears--as started in the episode Elegant Nasti...View Details

In which Carla interviews horror author Mike Bockoven, creator of FantasticLand (2016) and Pack (2018).   Mike Bockoven: Facebook: Details

51: Elegant Nastiness

In which Carla dives deep into the mythology of the Three Mothers, Maters Suspirioum, Mater Tenebrarum, and Mater Lacrymarum of the Dario Argento and ...View Details