16: I’ve Got Something In My Pocket

August 15, 2017

In which Carla shares stories from seven years of being a Girl Scout: Brownie, Junior, and assistant leader of Cadettes. Welcome to Girl World.


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15: Old School Brownies

August 8, 2017

In which Carla plans a Girl Scouts family stories episode...but Ehlers-Danlos gets in the way. So she reads to you. Yet stays on topic. Sort of.

09: Family Trees

June 24, 2017

In which Carla climbs her family trees and shakes out all the delicious nuts. This is going to be a fun ride and a tasty feast.


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08: Toxic Doxology

June 17, 2017

In which Carla continues to explore the Anthony and MacNara families, reviews classic cases of filicide and neonatalcide mentioned in episode 2, and continues the story of the MacNara familiy from episode 2, with new voices.

subjects: true crime, fiction, familial relationships, and bluegrass (no, really)


website entry with resources: http://theremightbecupcakes.com/episodes/episode-8-toxic-doxology

07: Big Star in a Small Town

June 11, 2017

In which Carla starts her true crime series Against the Peace and Dignity of the Commonwealth, with the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and the attempted murder of Vicki Gardner.

05: Haunted Me and the Red Book

May 26, 2017

...and a true crime mystery from Carla's past to solve. Truly!


In which Carla extolls the haunting music of the musician she has been highlighting in episodes, bemoans the dentist appointment that makes this episode short (but 1 of 2 this week!), and reads you a Scottish folktale explaining how evil was loosed unto the world.


Website entry, with more info: Episode 5: Haunted Me and the Red Book

04: And Things That Go Bump In the Night…

May 19, 2017

...aka, True Boo, Part Two. In which Carla experiences voices, the movement of objects, footsteps and more in two of her own homes--and proves herself to be a glutton for punsihment by deliberately traveling to two more haunted locations.


Website entry, with more info: Episode 4: And Things That Go Bump in the Night

01: Poe and Carla and Cupcakes: Nicetameetcha

April 28, 2017

In which Carla explains why eccentric doesn’t equal crazy, that horror poetry is a thing, and cupcakes are linked to better mental health. And books. So many books.

Believe only half of what you see, and nothing of what you hear.

–Edgar Allan Poe